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About Us

Unum Dental HMO Plan is a Knox-Keene licensed dental plan founded by dental professionals more than 35 years ago. Our plans are designed to offer substantial value for members, with access to high quality dental care for you and your family at an affordable monthly premium through your employer or through an individual plan.

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Group & Employer Plans

Group & Employer Plans

You will find our plans offer an excellent option for employers and other groups seeking to offer quality dental benefits coupled with affordable premiums. To find the perfect plan for your group...

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Senior Plans

Other Plans

In addition to DHMO plans, our parent company offers other valuable benefits including PPO dental and vision plans. To see the full range of Unum benefits...

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Why Choose Unum Dental HMO Plan?

Substantial Savings!

By joining a Unum Dental HMO Plan, you can save up to 50% off usual and customary procedure fees, and pay as little as $15 or even nothing for a routine cleaning.

Low Cost Premiums!

By working tirelessly to contain costs year after year, we strive to provide group plan members with low monthly premiums.

Easy Enrollment!

Talk to your employer about enrolling through work to start receiving Unum Dental HMO benefits through payroll deduction, or speak with one of our Customer Service Agents about our plans today.